What is hummpro and how does it work?

hummpro is a buy now pay later product for business. You can pay for all the things you need now to run your business and choose when you repay to stay in complete control of your business cashflow.

Once you’ve opened your hummpro account and added your card to the digital wallet on your mobile phone, you can start transacting instore and online – at just about any location where Mastercard is accepted.

When transacting instore, simply open the Apple or Google Wallet on your mobile phone and tap your phone to pay.

To shop online, use the ‘Card Reveal’ function inside the app. This will show your card number and expiry date, which you’ll need to enter at the online checkout. Spin the card by swiping it to see the three-digit CVC (CCV) security code.

Every transaction you make over a month will be grouped into one repayment with an additional month to repay.

If you would like to extend the terms of a repayment, you can ‘Pause’ for an extra month or create a ‘Plan’ for 6, 9 or 12 months. See the ‘Fees’ section for what you will pay to Pause or Plan. Every month this cycle restarts so your transactions always remain in a simple monthly grouping.

The maximum limit you can apply for is $30,000.00

The minimum limit you can apply for is $1,000.00