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Tips to get your cashflow in shape

Here are some examples of the ways fitness businesses can use hummpro to gain some breathing room in their cashflow.

Physical fitness is big business in Australia and New Zealand — even if you’re a small business. With an estimated 6,620 gyms and 9,200 physical therapy businesses in Australia, and nearly 1,000 gyms and 1,500 physical therapy businesses in New Zealand, it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry. And as consumers continue to become more aware of the importance of physical exercise for their overall health and mental wellbeing, it will only get bigger.

But in order to tap into this opportunity and grow your business, you need to have a healthy cashflow, and that is easier said than done. Between the cost of rent in a good location, expensive equipment and wages for qualified staff, overheads can be quite high. Combined with cancelled appointments and the challenge of acquiring new customers in a crowded market, it’s no wonder many small businesses in this space feel squeezed. 

On top of this, COVID-19 has forced many gyms, personal trainers and physical therapists in Australia and New Zealand to close or dramatically alter their business over the past year and a half, creating a cashflow crisis for many small businesses unable to serve their customers. While rising vaccination rates suggest the end of lockdown is in sight, getting your business back up and running will require some capital.

Using a buy now, pay later solution like hummpro to pay for everyday business expenses and monthly bills, such as utilities or insurance, can help you gain breathing room in your cashflow for other significant expenses, such as rent. Here are some examples of the ways you can use hummpro in a fitness business.

Running your gym or office

Maintaining a physical therapy office or gym is the biggest ongoing expense for most fitness businesses, after the initial investment in equipment. It’s not just the cost of rent, wages and utilities, but also business insurance, which tends to be high in the health and wellness space, booking and payment software, a regular cleaning service and, depending on your business, perhaps even a laundry service.

If you’re not constantly bringing in new customers, you could end up in a situation where more money is flowing out than coming in. Rather than choosing which bills to defer or worse, which services to cancel – which could impact your ability to retain the customers you do have – you could use hummpro to pay for your everyday purchases and get at least 30 days before you need to make a repayment.

Buying new equipment or paying for repairs

Whether you’re a mobile PT instructor or run a gym or physical therapy business, if you’re looking to grow your fitness business, you’ll need additional equipment to cater to more customers. While there are options to rent equipment, you may find that owning it outright puts you in a better financial position down the track, but this could mean spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Rather than taking out a loan or using a credit card to cover these costs, you can use hummpro. With access to up to $30,000 in finance and no interest ever, it’s a smart way to invest in growing your business. It can also come in handy if one of your existing machines breaks down and requires a costly repair.

Advertising your business

With so much competition in the health and fitness space, it’s crucial to constantly advertise your business to ensure a steady stream of customers. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are an affordable way to reach people and make it easy to target your ads to a specific audience. It’s worth paying a professional photographer and copywriter to create some high-quality content to help you stand out.

While you can’t use hummpro to pay anyone’s wages, you can use it to pay for ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

The health and wellness industry is booming. Get your cashflow in shape to take advantage of the opportunities with hummpro.


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