Do business now, always interest free.

humm®pro is the new way to bolster your business cashflow without credit cards or overdrafts. Get the app, get approved, and have up to $30K instantly, to use anywhere & everywhere, always interest free.

Any business expense, anywhere.

You can use hummpro everywhere Mastercard is accepted both online and instore. And it’s not just for your bigger business buys – in fact you could use it for everything from tea bags, to office supplies, to hardware – even taking a client or supplier out to lunch!

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Monthly Balances.
Maximum flex.

hummpro works differently to other credit cards. You no longer have to choose between making minimum repayments which incur maximum interest; or making full repayments which avoid interest, but are less kind on cashflow.

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New month. New terms.

Each new month is a fresh slate with fresh terms that don’t impact prior Monthly Balances. How you manage each Monthly Balance, is up to you, every time.
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monthly fee,
only in months when used.


(of Paused balance) fee to Pause your repayment for an extra month.


late fee if repayment falls beyond due date.


(of starting Plan balance) fee per month for 6, 9, & 12-month payment plans.
Repay over 6 months =
Max. 9% total fee
Repay over 9 months =
Max. 13.5% total fee
Repay over 12 months =
Max. 18% total fee

Pay your Plan off early anytime and pay no Plan fees.


Humm Pro Announced

Monthly Balance=

Your Monthly Balance is the cluster of transactions that’s grouped at the end of each month and comes due a month later. A monthly fee of $15 is only charged if you’ve transacted and created a new Monthly Balance.

Pay =

Pay is just what it sounds like. If you do nothing, hummpro will default to Pay, which means it will take the full Monthly Balance from your connected card or bank account on the day it falls due.

Pause =

If you have a Monthly Balance that you’d like more time to repay, Pause is the feature that gives you an extra month for a fee of 3.5% per month, of the Monthly Balance. You can Pause each Monthly Balance up to two times.

Plan =

If you need longer or smaller manageable repayments, Plan is the feature that rolls any Monthly Balance into a 6, 9 or 12-month plan, for a fee of 1.5% per month of the Monthly Balance total*.

You can have multiple Pauses and Plans on multiple Monthly Balances at the same time.


Hold cashflow control in your hands.

Cashflow is unpredictable and hummpro is your defence against uncertainty.

iphone wallet

Google Pay & Apple Pay friendly.

iwatch wallet

hummpro comes as a digital card, which you can use with your digital wallet. Simply add it from your App so your card is always on your phone or your wrist.